Hello all,

Our t-shirt campaigns are now over and the “We are all Sharon” and the “SNTB Logo” T-shirts have succeeded in going to print. If you purchased one of these thank you; they should be winging their way to you in the near future.

Apparently total sales ended up at over £650 of which we will receive about £200. This will go towards our forthcoming Tourist Guide. A great success and encouragement for us to make further products in the future.

Thank you all again for supporting!

Hello all,

Just to let you all know that you have one day left to get yourself one of our t-shirts. Currently we have the SNTB logo and the Sharon T-shirt that are definitely going ahead; Picklesfest is lagging. Now is your chance!

Here are the links:

Sharon T-shirt


South Norwood Tourist Board

Also thank you to those that have already committed to purchase; please expect your payments to go through over the next few days.


Hello again all,

So we have two weeks left of our t-shirt campaign and here is the current state of play:

The “Tourist Board logo” t-shirt has sold 12 and is definitely going to print at the end of the campaign. Thank you for all those who have bought so far.

The “We are all Sharon” t-shirt has sold 9. Hopefully we can persuade one more person to buy so that the silk screen design can be made up and the shirts made.

“Picklesfest” and “Don’t F with the Tourist Board are lagging but there is still plenty of time left.

Here are the links to the pages:

Tourist Board Logo

We are all Sharon


Don’t F*ck with the Tourist Board

Hello again,

South Norwood has had many famous residents over the years but very few have managed to do what the police and various government agencies couldn’t; find the missing world cup! We are ever fond of Pickles, the dog that found the stolen Jules Rimet World Cup in 66. Without the cup, the winning England side probably would have stayed home and had a kick about in the garden. We celebrated our first !Pickles!-fest in 2013 with a remote control Pickles and a recreation featuring Pickles original owner, David Corbett. Since then we’ve had themed treasure hunts, quiz nights and we even released a song for the pooch.

So our third t-shirt is the souvenir that never was! Picklesfest:

Picklesfest t-shirt


Last of our designs for you tomorrow and, remember, this is a limited time offer.

The Tourist Board are proud to present our second t-shirt. This design honors Sharon, Angel of the Sensible Garden and personification of all things South Norwood. You only have 20 days to purchase this exclusive t-shirt.

#WeAreAllSharon t-shirt campaign


There are various colour options and long sleeve available too. Funds raised will go towards the South Norwood Tourist Board’s forthcoming tourist guide.


As you know we are currently raising funds for the forthcoming South Norwood Tourist Guide. Many have already kindly donated but we understand it’s much more fun to get something in return.

With that in mind we introduce you to the first of our t-shirt campaigns on Mercht.com

Don’t F*ck with the Tourist Board T-shirt

tshirtMercht is a company that acts a bit like a kickstarter; the campaign runs for 21 days and at the end they will print and send out the t-shirts to those who have bought them. All profits will go to towards our forthcoming guide.

They do need to get 10 orders to make it worthwhile printing but we are expecting to reach that easily. If there are less than 10 orders by the end of the campaign everyone keeps their money so there is no risk.

Tomorrow we will unveil our second (slightly more family friendly) design…

Here at the South Norwood Tourist Board offices, we truly believe that the history of an area is the history of the people. We were, therefore, very excited when a gentleman called Brian Martin contacted us to purchase a print of The Portland Arms. Here is a little bit of our conversation:

“As you say, the pub was formally called Ocean’s Apart but before that it was The Prince of Denmark. It was built in 1898, my grandfather took over the licence there in 1933. My mother then took over the licence following his death in the early 40’s. My sisters were born there in 1944 and 1945 and I came along in 1953…

pub photos


Mother always denied any suggestion of watering the gin and whiskey during the war! Also she was proud that, like the Windmill Theatre, it never closed during the war either!

We were there until my mother retired in 1970 and moved to West Sussex. Dad died in the pub in 1968 and mum died in 2002.
The pub was such an important part of my life in one way or another. “
darts night
Brian also sent some photos from his life in a pub and a photo of a poster for a darts night which included nail throwing! Blimey!
Thank you Brian!

A Paypal button has now been added to the left of our page. Although they charge fees in may make life easier for all you generous people out there.

Thanking you in advance

As we have mentioned before, SNTB are looking for some financial support to continue promoting South Norwood as the country’s number 1 tourist attraction by producing our own Tourist Guide – Rough Guide will be squirming with envy.

Looking at all the funding sites, we refuse to have 5% of the donations taken and for anyone donating to pay an additional 2.5% card fee. So we have decided to go with the no bells and whistles, just simply our bank details:

Account Name: South Norwood Tourist Board

Sort Code: 09-01-28

Account Number: 28273829

If you do make a donation, could you please email us so we can say thank you and check the account to ensure everything is good. We will keep you posted of how much we have raised on a bi-weekly basis.

Aiming for a great book launch with hopefully a special guest of honour that we are sure will go down a storm!


….now you can!

Swing Night