A Paypal button has now been added to the left of our page. Although they charge fees in may make life easier for all you generous people out there.

Thanking you in advance


As we have mentioned before, SNTB are looking for some financial support to continue promoting South Norwood as the country’s number 1 tourist attraction by producing our own Tourist Guide – Rough Guide will be squirming with envy.

Looking at all the funding sites, we refuse to have 5% of the donations taken and for anyone donating to pay an additional 2.5% card fee. So we have decided to go with the no bells and whistles, just simply our bank details:

Account Name: South Norwood Tourist Board

Sort Code: 09-01-28

Account Number: 28273829

If you do make a donation, could you please email us so we can say thank you and check the account to ensure everything is good. We will keep you posted of how much we have raised on a bi-weekly basis.

Aiming for a great book launch with hopefully a special guest of honour that we are sure will go down a storm!


….now you can!

Swing Night

To all of the community that have kindly offered financial support towards, what will become the must have Tourism guide ever to be written, be patient.

SNTB are looking at the best way of collecting donations in a fair transparent way, so people can also gasp and awe as we try to reach our target. We hope to have something sorted by Monday.

If anyone knows of a good fundraising site that doesn’t take a large % of that raised please let us know.


We asked and we couldn’t have wished for such a supportive email:

Hi would a £XX* donation be any good ?  As a pensioner who moved up here 50 years ago I  feel obliged to chip in especially as I have at least 15 of the parakeets feeding in my garden every day and have visited the lake twice a day with my various dogs past and present.

Best regards
Diane Fosberry

*actual amount removed as not to embarrass Diane with her generosity

A big thank you to Diane and also to Tim who left a comment asking for details.

Any individual who donates will get a mention in the first of our Tourism Books. We have over 2.5k followers, so any amount you can afford from 10p to 10,000p, it will all go towards celebrating our area.



needs you

Yes it is ambitious but also achievable, with support.

50 photo pages in full colour with stunning photography and the kind of wit and raconteurdom that our readers have come to love – Bound to be a surprise best seller of the Summer.

We need to raise at least £200 to cover print costs but, depending on the amount, you will get you a fawning plug disguised as editorial, and an invite to the hippest red carpet do this side of Novosibirsk.

These are gonna fly out like the parakeets in the bird sanctuary – No. 37 since you ask.

If you would like to donate, or talk about sponsorship and inclusion in a publication that will raise the bar for tourism books, please drop us an email and we can discuss your requirements.


After a long needed hiatus, basking in the sun and marvelling at the beauty of South Norwood, we are revived and ready for a fun filled 2018.

Who knows what to expect (as we have run out of money) but by hook or by crook we will get the most positive publicity for South Norwood and it’s community as we can, with as little as possible.

So watch this space………