South Norwood Allotment Holders Association (SNAHA), situated off Enmore Road are looking for new members to have their own piece of countryside to cultivate and grown their own seasonal produce.

Interested or just curious go and visit, SNAHA are holding an open day on 28th June.

Welcome to the South Norwood Allotment Holders Association Ltd. We have been providing allotments in our local community since 1918 and are proud of our small site.

In 2012 and 2013, SNAHA came 1st in the Croydon Federation of Allotments Competition, being a reflection on how well managed the site is.


If you are intrested in an allotment, please contact us on this email address:


Thank you!

federation 1st in Croydon


Prepare for the invasion of monster hunters as SNTB unveil our new sighting.


Last Tuesday, SNTB had the honour of meeting with the wonderful people who created the ‘Secret Garden’ at Norwood Junction, and had a guided tour. We were introduced to many people involved, all who have worked hard to create a wonderful environment from a waste bit of land. Alan Oakley and David Kirby spoke with great enthusiasm about how the garden came into creation and the creative input from local school children.

If you haven’t had chance look out for any open days they have, as it really is worth a visit – you can even book into the ‘Creature Hotel’!

We are extremely honoured and pleased that they want to get involved with the South Norwood Sensible Project, and look forward to working with them.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

Hopefully the first of many


Julian Maclaren Ross and that mysterious  zeppelin
Writer, raconteur, wit and dandy Maclaren Ross was born in South Norwood just before the outbreak of WW1. In his autobiography he writes:
Soon after my birth, which took place at midnight and during a thunderstorm, war broke out, and one of my earliest memories is of being snatched out of my cot and carried in my father’s arms on to the lawn of …our house…just in time to see a German Zeppelin cast its shadow on the rooftop from the vast moonlit menace of the sky
I am told I crowed with glee and stretched out my hands towards that long bright silver cigar, but this i cannot confirm; I recall the sight vividly as one which afforded me considerable pleasure…” .

Every self-respecting tourist city in Europe has an ‘OLD TOWN’. But where is South Norwood’s  ‘OLD TOWN’?  Can you help us out here……..suggestions, photos?


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