UnknownOn the eve of potential Scottish Independence, SNTB are hosting an evening to allow the citizens of South Norwood to put forward ideas on how our Republic should be run. Can we be the first to congratulate Scotland should they become independent or perhaps send an emissary to Scotland to discuss potential treaties.

The meeting will take form of a brief overview of what has happened over the previous two weeks, and then handed over to the floor to hear suggestions of what the community would like to be seen to be done for the Republic. There will be opportunity to discuss why people didn’t want to remain in Croydon or join Scotland. The BBC will be sending a camera crew to interview the community regarding our referendum in context of the pending independence referendum results for Scotland.
Come and join the fun from 7pm, and let London know we were the first to break away from the Union!


but here we are:


Thank you Jenny Gross.

Will Jane and Croydon be the cat that got the cream, will Paul Fearon be publishing his little Red Book to help guide the People’s Republic of South Norwood, or will David be on the phone negotiating our unification with Scotland should they become independent – and if they don’t will all those who voted Yes move to South Norwood?

These questions and so many more will probably not answered today at 6pm, on the steps of Stanley Halls but at least you will know what the future holds.

Remember to have your say in our future, polls close at midnight.


Whilst we would have like to have had a physical vote with ballot papers, unfortunately our resources don’t expand to a full on official closing the schools election.

Please vote, please forward it to those who are interested.



smIf Julie Andrews can have them, so can South Norwood! Over the next coming weeks SNTB are going to see just what the community really likes in South Norwood. We are going to go through various categories (please feel free to suggest one) and make a list of South Norwood’s favourite things in South Norwood. We can then see if someone can sing a South Norwood version of the song.

We’ll start with Pubs and Clubs – if I’ve missed any off the list please shout but they do need to be currently trading!

Click on the link and let the voting start.



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