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I only found out last night that June Hailes, an associate of SNTB, passed away last week. For those who were at one of our first talks (26 April 2012), June gave a talk bringing in wrestlers, circus performers, the benefit of Mr.Kite, basketball giants, Madame Tussaud, just of the famous people that South Norwood has had pass through.

June sadly lost her fight with cancer, but her passion for history couple with fun made her ideal for a speaker for the Tourist Board.

June Hailes you will be missed by all that knew you.

Interest in the South Norwood Norwood Referendum for independence, unification with Scotland or remain with Croydon has intensified. After interest from BBC’s One Show, Interviews with the Wall Street Journal we have decide to move the Great Debate to 4th September, a week before the vote itself.

Local Councillor Paul Scott will be arguing for the community to stay with Croydon Council, with David Somner of Stanley Halls Initiative, arguing that it is in South Norwood’s best interests to join the Scots if they vote for independence the week later. We are still searching for someone who wants to put the case forward for South Norwood to break all ties with Croydon Council.

There is no doubt that this event is bringing the spotlight back onto South Norwood, highlighting the wonderful community and area we are so fortunate to have, and whatever your views the debate should prove lively, entertaining and fun.

After Titchmarsh’s recent descent into South Norwood to oversee the make over of a local residents gardening, I wonder what he would make of our Sensible Gardening?


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