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On Tuesday 24th February 2015, SNTB have partnered with Bad Banobo Ltd to screen ‘Still The Enemy Within’ (certificate 15) at Harris Academy South Norwood; we believe that this is the first public showing of this acclaimed film south of the river.


We thank Sam Hainey and Rose Harris at Harris Academy for providing the venue for the evening, showing a film about arguably one of the most important battles within modern British Politics, to which a lot of the pupils at the Academy may have never even heard of.

Doors will be 6:30pm for 7pm Start.

There will be a few tickets available on the door but the majority will be available to purchase at £5 from




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RockYes, for a meagre sum of money, people who visit South Norwood will be able to purchase a stick of rock to cherish the memory of their visit. What better way to remember your visit to South Norwood than by a hard stick-shaped boiled sugar sweet with South Norwood running through the middle of it.

It is usually seaside resorts that spring to mind when thinking about rock, or the popular George Formby song about ‘His little Stick of Blackpool Rock’, but we want to change this by becoming the first London Borough to produce this traditional seaside piece of confectionary.

We are also going to produce some picture postcards later in the year to accompany our newly inspired sweet souvenirs and what better way than honouring the legacy of the original saucy seaside postcards by Donald McGill. 

We put out a challenge to any budding artists to design a postcard in the style of Donald McGill and if we receive one that captures his original tone and humour, we will get a limited stock printed.

Below see the sneak preview of the insert that will be in all sticks.




On the afternoon 14th February 2015, South Norwood Tourist Board intend to unite a loving couple and encourage all to walk through the ‘Tunnel to Love Lane’ where a chariot will await to take them to a fun afternoon at a local hostelry.

Yes indeed with your help THE BUNNY HOLE aka THE TUNNEL OF LOVE LANE will be transformed into a pink and white TUNNEL OF LOVE on Valentines Day 2015 with SWAN GONDOLAS to glide you through to the accompaniment of OPERA SINGERS.


Love Lane is the only Love Lane with a tunnel in the UK. Against this romantic setting SNTB will perform betrothal ceremonies to those who want a proper South Norwood romance. What better way than declaring love to your betrothed in true South Norwood style.

We have two months to do this so we need design and craftspeople help to transform the tunnel into the romantic venue of choice on Valentines Day. 

As all historians know, the Easter Bunny came from the Great North Wood and used to dart between the boroughs using the Bunny Hole, and it rumoured that the famed EASTER BUNNY will be dodging around the gondolas in practice for Easter. LET ALL THE CHILDREN KNOW I HEAR YOU CRY.

Imagination seizes power.



















It has been a busy year for the Tourist Board, but South Norwood has made many articles this year showing what a wonderful community we live in. Thank you for all your support.

We have been taking a break over the last couple of months but have many plans for next year. Look out for:

  • Picture Postcards
  • Sticks of Rock
  • Screening of ‘Still The Enemy Within
  • Robert Calvert Day
  • Alice’s Adventures in the Bunny Hole

Have a good christmas and new year and we will be back putting South Norwood on the forefront of people’s minds!

Xmas TreesWhilst SNTB don’t and won’t make a habit of advertising businesses, Stuart (Treestone Landscaping) was such a big help and support with the Sensible Garden, we see no reason to put up his advert selling Christmas Trees; supporting local businesses who also support the community.

If you are thinking of getting a real tree, Stuart’s trees last year were fantastic quality (I had one) and he has agreed that anyone who mentions the Tourist Board when ordering a tree, he will collect it and recycle it after Christmas free of charge.

If anybody knows of a place in South Norwood where we can arrange a drop off point for donations, we can arrange with Nightwatch to pick them up.

Please give as much or as little as you can – if it was left to Croydon Council they probably wouldn’t even exist.

0814-030 Nightwatch Harvest Festival Poster proof 2


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