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The kind hearted Heather at Treasures has agreed to become the official outlet for any SNTB merchandise that gets produced. By popular demand we have had our original pictures of the Country Park and South Norwood Lake printed. In an art deco style, the postcard sized prints were created by our associate Richard Lamy and a limited number are available.

Treasure is a wonderful gift shop, situated on 233 Portland Road, in between Ferndale and Oakley Road.



Jolly-sailor station in 1845, showing the bridge carrying Portland Road in the background and the atmospheric propulsion system pumping station, with its Gothic Tower/chimney/exhaust vent, in the foreground.

Perhaps this is where Sextus Dyball got inspiration in designing St Valery House (of Pickles fame), which coincidentally was built on the site of an old inn, the Royal Oak.,

If you want to make a difference regarding this issue please contact People for Portland Road.

Dear Stuart,

Thank you for your prompt reply. We hope prompt action will follow. From the speedy response we saw to the Love Lane issue, we know the council are more than capable of dealing with these issues. If they are not then a look at the allocation or budget allocated to these resources might be in order – or whether the contractor is fulfilling their obligations under the contract.
The issue of whether rubbish falls onto council or privately owned land is more problematic. As rubbish is a public health issue it is not acceptable for the council to leave it to landowners who will not fulfil their obligations to the community. The focus on fly-tippers (who are not necessarily local residents) is all well and good but there is also a responsibility on the landowners to keep their plots clean and secure. All too often they do neither. There is also anecdotal evidence that some landowners are deliberately allowing plots to become hazardous to pressure the council into granting planning permission (thereby increasing the value of the land).
Land that has been abandoned to become a health hazard cannot be allowed to poison the whole community. In the first instance the council should force entry onto the land and clear it, presenting the landowner with the bill. Indeed there is an argument that such abandoned land should be reclaimed by the community.
Croydon Council makes a big play of being business-friendly but in reality much of this has focused on turning Central Croydon into a super-mall and to seeking to annex Crystal Palace FC from South Norwood. This is symbolic of a broader failure of areas such as South Norwood. You will know that SNTB never denigrate South Norwood and have a habit of being pretty dismissive of those who do. We favour taking positive steps to improve our community. However we cannot allow our vibrant, diverse and imaginative community to fall victim to the consequences of the London property bubble.
Back in 1932 the ramblers also had a problem with landowners. We invoke the spirit of Kinder Scout and will maintain a programme of fun and imaginative ways to highlight this issue. We look forward to you joining us. Feel free to bring some T-shirts.
Kind Regards


Received a few minutes ago
Got officers onto the pictures you sent me which do look like they are on private land. I can assure you that if they were on the public foot way it would be cleared, if they are on private land officers will approach the landowners. We are clearing 88% of reported fly tips in 48 hours compared to only 3% last year so massive improvements are being made.
Clearly a sizeable minority of residents still don’t take pride so you will be pleased to hear 11 are up in court in March for messing with Croydon, two people already now have a criminal record for fly tipping so that will make a potential 13 end of March.Only 2 were previously prosecuted in the last four years.
You’ll also be pleased to hear that a leaflet will be delivered naming and shaming these individuals and I’ll ensure we deliver this in South Norwood around your fly tip hotspots to act as a deterrent.
Further to this recycling will be made easier for residents when they get green wheelie bins to replace their boxes in September , my intention is to review how this works and if things don’t improve, South Norwood is a priority area to consider the reintroduction of the weekly landfill collection.
Croydon Council is taking responsibility and doing all it can to educate residents, clear the mess some of them are making and to punish those that abuse our streets. I trust the SNTB support this approach
thanks for taking pride in your community


Stuart Collins
Labour Councillor for Broad Green Ward, London Borough of Croydon
Deputy Leader, Cabinet Member for Clean,Green Croydon.
Feel free to email him your own views or photos


Dear Stuart et al. a.k.a. Clean Green Croydon

When you first got your new post leading Clean Green Croydon, you said: “I have always been passionate about keeping Croydon clean and the key messages for local people are that the council is getting serious about enforcement , so we will fine or prosecute those caught fly-tipping…”.

The South Norwood area has got dirtier and more strewn with rubbish and fly tipping over the past six months, which is since you got into post, and after a change in council. SNTB’s role of promoting and inviting people to visit the area was always difficult but now it has become a joke.

Our recent St Valentine’s Day event in Love Lane nearly had to be cancelled because of the filthy state of the area, and although at the eleventh hour all the rubbish was cleared, you and your fellow Labour counterparts constantly ignored our communications. All our so called elected representatives are fundamentally failing the community, allowing the degradation to continue and waste to build up. A cynic may think you are all worried about big business in more affluent areas, perhaps there is an election coming!

Here are a few photographs taken of one small area in South Norwood yesterday.  Clean? Has the meaning of the word changed since you got your post?   Obviously not!  It is questionable what you have been doing in your new post with your dedicated team apart from standing around posing for photoshoots in daft t-shirts.  The hard work of Crystal Palace Transition Town and South Norwood Tourist Board transformed a local area which now hosts the “Sensible Seat”, but somehow you inveigled yourself at the opening ceremony handing out these T-shirts as if you were a major mover and shaker in the event. Fixing some fencing does not measure up to the hard work the community put into clearing and creating that area.

South Norwood Tourist Board and the good people of South Norwood look forward to your response.

Yours in cleanliness,


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We were looking forward to show this wonderful film, but unfortunately there has been an unfortunate accident with our equipment, meaning that the film cannot be shown.


We are really sorry.


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